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Rajasthan Board Class 12 English Q&A (Rainbow) Indigo, Deep Water etc.


CLASS XII      ENGLISH-Q&A       RBSE      SESSION 2018-19
Q.1 Why did Raj Kumar Shukla approach Gandhiji?
Ans. Raj Kumar Shukla came from Champaran to approach Gandhi  because he wanted to help the indigo sharecroppers of his area and fight for them against injustice being done to them.
Q.2 How did British landlords compel poor peasants?
Ans. The British landlords compelled the peasants to plant 15% of the land with indigo and to surrender the entire harvest as rent. The peasants were trapped in injustice of landlord system in Champaran.
Q.3 What did Gandhiji do for social upliftment of the poor families of peasants?
Ans. Gandhiji with the help of volunteers opened primary schools in six villages. His wife Kasturba taught the poor families of peasants rules on personal cleanliness and community sanitation.
Q.4 How did the Champaran episode prove to be a turning point in the political career of Gandhiji?
Ans. The Champaran episode built up Gandhi’s confidence that the British rulers could be made to bend. He declared that British could not order him in his own country. He became a champion for peasants. He led civil disobedience.
Deep Water
Q.5 What did William Douglas plan while sinking to the bottom of the swimming pool?
Ans. When, the narrator was thrown into the pool he thought that when his feet hit the bottom, he would make a jump, come to the surface and paddle to the edge of the pool.
Q.6 Why was William Douglas determined to conquer his fear of water?
Ans. The author was fond of fishing, and of all types of water sports. But his fear of water spoiled all his fun. Wherever he went, this fear followed him, so in order to enjoy life, he determined to conquer his fear of water.
Q.7 How did the author become a perfect swimmer?
Ans. The author hired an instructor. The instructor first taught him to stay in water. Then he taught him to put his face under water and exhale and to rise his nose and inhale. Next he taught him how to kick with his legs. Thus piece by piece, he became a perfect swimmer.
On the Face of It
Q.8 Why does Derry come back to Mr. Lamb’s house?
Ans. Both Derry as well as Mr Lamb suffers from some kind of physical disability. Mr Lamb’s positive attitude towards life inspires Derry. Mr. Lamb has given him a new meaning of life. Finding him interesting person, Derry returns to his house.
Q.9 Why does Derry not like being with other people?
Ans. Derry’s face is burnt on one side. So he feels alienated. He always feels people staring at him. He does not like being with other people because he is afraid that people will make fun of him.
Q.10 What physical disability did Derry suffer from? How did he come by it ?
Ans. On side of Derry’s face was totally burnt. He got acid all down on that side of his face. The acid burned it all the way. It ate his face up.

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