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Letter to Father for the Permission to go on Educational Tour.

Imagine that you are Sunil living in Jaipur. Your friend Mukesh has failed in Secondary Examination this year. Write a letter expressing your sympathy to him.
Examination Hall
14 March 2018
My dear Mahesh
Today, I saw your result of board examination. I felt very sad to know that you are fail in the secondary examination. Although you had worked hard but result was not in your favour. You should not lose heart. Failures are the pillars of success. Now you start studying seriously and regularly. I am sure that you will do better next year.
Please pay my best regards to your parents and love to Monu.
Your loving
Imagine that you are Kapil living Jaipur. Write a letter to your father requesting him for the permission to go on historical/educational tour.
Examination Hall
13 March 2018
My dear father
I am quite well here and hope that you are also same there. I am writing this letter to you with a special purpose. About 40 students of my class will go on a tour to Agra and Delhi. It is a ten days tour. Two teachers will also go with us. I also want to go with them. Please allow me for the tour. I hope that you will accept my request and allow me to go with my friends.
Please send Rs. 5500/- at in early date.
Please pay my best regards to dear mother and love to Sonu.
With best regards
Your loving son


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