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CLASS XII        ENGLISH-Q&A        RBSE        SESSION 2018-19

Q.1 Which diseases are caused by stress?

Ans. The diseases caused by stress are-
§  Cardio-vascular disease
§  Depression
§  Anxiety
§  And some types of diabetes mellitus.
Q.2 What is the reaction of our body in the “fight or flight” system?
Ans. “Fight or Flight” system is the activity of our sympathetic nervous system. In it, the reaction of our body is in the form of sudden increase in heart rate, in blood pressure and sweating shallow breathing and slowing down of metabolism.
Q.3 Why is cortisol is good for our body?
Ans. Cortisol is a hormone. It is considered good at normal levels. It is because it helps to maintain the body active and healthy by regulating metabolism and blood pressure. Efforts should be made to maintain cortisol active.
Q.4 How can parasympathetic nervous system be activated?
Ans. The parasympathetic nervous system becomes activated when the threat or stressor has passed or ended.
Q.5 What does the practice of yoga encourage?
Ans. The practice of yoga encourages the person to lead a healthier life style. It develops the self-awareness and discipline required for positive behaviour modification. It produces optimism and courage in person.
Q.6 Write the importance of purity of environment.
Ans. Purity of environment is very essential for overall health. It provides peace of mind. We need pure environment for physical and mental health.
Q.7 What are the powers of purity?
Ans. Purity is very powerful virtue of us. It can purify an impure person. Evils run away in presence of purity as darkness disappears in the presence of sunlight. Fools, villains and criminals become gentle and obedient before a pure man.
Q.8 Why are most of the persons unable to express their original opinion about a book?
Ans. Most persons are unable to express their original opinion about a book because they read it just to amuse themselves, to pass time. In one hour or two, they finish the whole book are left with only a vague idea about it.
Q.9 What do we find when we re-read a book?
Ans. When we re-read a book, we find new meaning and new beauty in it. Such a book never becomes old and is immortal. It tempts us to read it again more than we wanted to read in the first time.
Q.10 What are the chief characteristics of a scientific book?
Ans. A scientific book if rich in information and knowledge. It is a work for hard study and is not read simply for amusement. A scientific book has an amount of value that makes it worth-reading.

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