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CLASS XII         SUBJECT-ENGLISH        SESSION-2018-19       RBSE

(A ROOM 10×8)
Q.1 Why did Mrs Malik decide to settle down in Delhi permanently?
Ans. Mrs Malik decided to settle down in Delhi permanently because she was sick of her husband’s transfer and postings. Now the children were grown-up, it was not desirable to shift them from school to school. She wanted to spend her days in her newly built house.
Q.2 What did Mrs Malik not like about her daughter-in-law?
Ans. Mrs Malik did not like her daughter-in-law talking to her husband in English. It was so, because she herself was not able to speak or understand English. She wanted a sweet heart daughter-in-law of her choice.
Q.3 What was the attitude of Mrs Malik towards her mother-in-law?
Ans. The attitude of Mrs Malik towards her mother-in-law was very rude. She was never serious about the welfare of her mother-in-law. She proposed to live with her just for company. This reflects her casual attitude towards her mother-in-law.
Q.4 In what manner was Mrs Malik’s daughter-in-law similar to the figure in the sketch?
Ans. The colour of Mrs Malik’s daughter-in-law’s saree was similar to that of the figure in the sketch. She was wearing a maroon saree. Mrs Malik’s daughter-in-law’s posture and body language were quite similar to the lady in the sketch.
Q.5 Why does the narrator term the bargaining as a straight forward matter between dealer and customer?
Ans. The narrator does so because he feels that such bargains are all part of a business. The dealer asks as much as he thinks he can extort. And the customer having paid it, is under no obligation to the dealer.
Q.6 Why does the narrator think that the dealer should get a part of the profit he had earned?
Ans. The narrator thinks that the dealer should get a part of the profit he had earned because the narrator thought that the dealer was a plain, simple and honest man. He behaved well with the narrator. So she should also behave well with him. So, it would be fair to share the profit he had earned.
Q.7 When does the narrator say about his destiny?
Ans. Once in an old curiosity shop he succeeds in buying a drawing of Turner just for ten shillings. He sells it for fifty pounds as he purchased at a very cheap price, and gets a huge profits.
Q.8 What does the author mean by the expression ‘Garbage to them is gold’?
Ans. The author rightly says that garbage to them is gold. This is the only means of survival for them. It gives them food and shelter. They search for something valuable in the garbage and sell it for a little money.
Q.9 Why is Saheb not happy working at the tea stall?
Ans. Saheb is not happy working at tea stall as he lost his freedom there. He is a servant. He finds steel canister of his master heavier than the plastic bag he carries as a rag picker.
Q.10 Describe the hazards of working in the glass bangle industries.
Ans. The two hazards are-
1.    The working near the furnaces with high temperature leaves adverse effect on the health of the labourers.
2.    The labourers working in this industry finally lose their eye-sight.

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