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Letter Writing Skills: How to Write a Business Letter?

LETTER WRITING: Business Letter बोर्ड परीक्षा के प्रश्न पत्र में निम्न विषयों पर आधारित Business Letter से संबंधित प्रश्न आते है – To place an order for any item. To cancel an order. For any query about items price list. To do complain for any defective electrical or other item. …

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How to Write Report On Flood?

How to write any flood report in English with one format? A DEVASTATING FLOOD (By_________________/XYX) KOLKATA, AUGUST 09: An unprecedented flood ravaged _______district of __________in the month __________. At least _________people lost their lives and many more were reported missing. In the recent devastating flood hit areas like _________,__________and ________ …

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Report Writing Format With Examples

Report Writing Format:     Heading/Title (align: Centre)      Name of the Reporter/Writer (align: Left)      Date and Place (align: Left)  Body Contents: Report should be written in various para like:      Para I – Introductory para: about event’s day, date, place, what (Topic) , timings.   …

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A Letter Advising For Good Health.

Q. Imagine that you are Yash living in Jaipur. Your younger brother Mukesh living in Jodhpur, is very good at studies but he is physically weak. Write a letter advising him to improve his health by taking part in games and sports. Answer: Examination Hall Jaipur 14 March 2018 My …

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Letter To Thank For The Gift.

Q. Imagine that you are Raj living in Jaipur. Your uncle sent you a dictionary as birthday gift. Write a letter to him to thank for the gift. Answer: Examination Hall Jaipur 26 March 2018 My dear uncle I am quite well here and I hope that you are also …

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Notice Writing On “Cricket Match.”

Q. Write a notice for your school notice board on “Friendly Cricket Match.” Answer:  RADAINT PUBLIC SCHOOL, SIKAR 10 April 2018 NOTICE CRICKET MATCH This is to inform all students that a friendly cricket match is to be played with the students of Manas Public School on the school grounds, …

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